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Bigg Boss 16 Has Been Criticised by Viewers for What They Call a “B**ching Session” Involving Priyanka Chaudhary. Watch the Video!

On the reality show Bigg Boss, contestants could talk about Priyanka Choudhary's strategy in the Bigg Boss house. What Shalin Bhanot, Shiv Thakare, and MC Stan had to say is below.

In the most recent episode, Bigg Boss gave the housemates a new task. In the Bigg Boss house, the contestants were supposed to give their thoughts on Priyanka Chahar Choudhary’s game plan. In a new promo that was shared on social media, contestants are seen going into the confession room one by one and talking about Priyanka’s game.

Shalin Bhanot said that she was “illogical,” and Shiv Thakare said that she was “zero.” MC Stan said that she is too stubborn to change, so she will always be the way she is. Many of Priyanka’s fans came to her defence and criticised Bigg Boss for setting up a “b**ching session” against her.

ColorsTv posted the ad on social media with the caption, “Sach, bahut hi ajeebo gareeb hota hai yeh sach.” This means that the truth is always bitter and strange.


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The commercial began with Bigg Boss asking, “Priyanka ka kya game plan hai (What is Priyanka’s game plan)?” “Uske logics sahi nhi lagte hai (Her logics are invalid),” Shalin added. Then, in the background, a voiceover remarked, “Sach, bahut hi ajeebo gareeb hota hai ye sach (The truth is always peculiar and strange).”

“Doosre ko neeche dekharkar, apne aapko upar, apni superiority dikhaaye, Priyanka unme se ek hai,” Shalin said, “she tears down others to uplift herself, she presents herself as superior in comparison to others.”

“Uska nature koi badal nhi sakta (Nobody can change her nature),” MC Stan declared in the confession chamber with his companion Shiv. Shiv immediately responded, “Priyanka ka main strong tha ladai, jaise woh nikal diya, Ankit ke baad se woh shuniye lag rahi hai” (Priyanka’s forte was fighting, and now that her friend Ankit has been expelled, she is looking like a zero in the programme without his backing).

One viewer commented on the video, “Priyanka ke against ek pura b**ching session arrange kiya Bigg Boss ne” (Bigg Boss has scheduled a full b**ching session against Priyanka). “Without Priyanka, Bigg Boss game is zero,” tweeted one supporter of Priyanka. Another user commented, “Shiv lagta hai Nimrit ke baare mai bata raha hai” (I believe Shiv is referring to Nimrit’s game plan).

“Priyanka hi trophy lekar jaayegi (Priyanka will bring the show’s trophy home)”, one fan said. Someone criticised Shiv, writing, “Shiv ki journey..Sajid ka naukar ban kar rah gya…sir… sir…sir.. k alawa kuch nhi kiya. Look at Shiv’s adventure; he was Sajid’s servant and satisfied him throughout the event.

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