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Bigg Boss 16: Farah Khan Met Sajid Khan And Said “Mummy is so proud of you.”

Farah Khan and Sajid Khan's emotional reunion on Bigg Boss 16 brought them to tears. See the clip.

When it comes to the Bigg Boss house, people are always very upset. Most of the time, there is a lot of fun and fighting. This week, though, things are likely to get emotional because the housemates’ families will spend a day or two at the Bigg Boss house. Promo videos show that this get-together with family makes the housemates cry.

For example, director Farah Khan went to the Bigg Boss house to meet her brother Sajid Khan and cheer him on. In the online video, Farah is seen crying and hugging Sajid, who is in statue mode for a task. Farah tells him that she has missed him, that his mother is proud of him, and that it has been three months since she last saw him in person.

Farah Khan also meets Shiv Thakare, MC Stan and Abdu Rozik. She gives them a hug and tells them that she only had one brother, Sajid, before the show, but that she now has three more brothers. She tells Sajid it’s a good thing he found this “mandali.”

Farah Khan can also be seen hugging Priyanka Chahar and calling her the “Deepika Padukone of the Bigg Boss house” in another video.

ColorsTV posted a short clip of this meeting between the siblings on Instagram. The video’s title says, “Sajid se milne aayi ghar mein Farah Khan. (Farah Khan has come to Sajid’s house to meet him.)”


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At the beginning of the video, Farah cried and hugged Sajid from behind while he stood with his back on the camera. She also kissed him on the shoulder as Sajid began to cry. Farah gave Sajid a blessing and told him, “Mummy is so proud of you.”

Next, Farah met Shiv Thakare and told him, “You are my brother” with a hug. Farah also gave Abdu Rozik a hug and a kiss. She then told MC Stan, “I left one brother here, but I’m going back with three brothers extra.”

Later, Farah told Sajid with a laugh, “Sajid, you’re very lucky to have gotten this group. You’re lucky to have them.” Farah stood with the other Bigg Boss contestants as they laughed at her comment at the end of the clip.

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