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Big action from Facebook and Instagram! If you don’t post like this by mistake

Facebook and Instagram are removing posts from users helping to use abortion pills, saying they violate pharmaceuticals policy. FB and Insta immediately began deleting posts offering women abortion pills. Also these users have been temporarily banned.

Most recently, the Supreme Court held that Rowe v. Wade overturned a 50-year-old decision to legalize abortion. The court said that the constitution does not give the right to abortion. Following the decision of the US Supreme Court, Facebook and Instagram have started removing social media posts offering women abortion pills.

Motherboard’s report states that such posts violate pharmaceuticals’ policy. One Facebook user wrote in his post, ‘I will mail one of you abortion pills. just message me. Facebook and Instagram are deleting many such posts.

Meta spokesman Andy Stone tweeted Monday that “content that is not allowed to buy, sell, trade, gift, solicit or donate pharmaceuticals.” Stone says posts containing information about the “affordability and accessibility of prescription drugs” are allowed and the company was correcting instances of “misuse.”

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