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Bhupendra Patel completes 200 days as Gujarat CM, PM Modi wrote a letter praising him


Preparations for the assembly elections in Gujarat are in full swing. Bhupendrabhai Patel was made the Chief Minister of Gujarat on September 13 last year. It has been 200 days since Patel became the Chief Minister. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written a letter to Patel praising his government for completing 200 days.

Modi wrote, “The decisions taken by your government in less than 200 days with your efficient leadership for the larger public interest and welfare of the poor are far-sighted and commendable. Since my return from my stay in Gujarat last month, I have been in Gujarat. I would like to thank you and the people of Gujarat for the unprecedented affection shown to me by you and the people of Gujarat during my two-day stay.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi further wrote, ‘Gujarat has come a long way because of Corona. So after a long time I felt like coming home. Meetings in Gujarat have always been a special memory. The two day event was memorable. I got a special opportunity to meet the hardworking Sarpanchs of Gujarat. The people of Gujarat are famous for their democratic nature. His sweet nature is a distinctive identity, I am proud to say that successive BJP government in the state has strengthened the Panchayat structure of the state.

PM Modi further said, ‘It is a commitment to give maximum subsidy to our villages and to make Khadi a culture of development. Sarpanch brothers and sisters showed great enthusiasm to work hard for the people. The enthusiasm and commitment towards her work was felt especially in the interaction with the women sarpanches. This is a significant change in the direction of women empowerment.

In the letter, Prime Minister Modi further wrote-
When I reached the Rashtriya Raksha Shakti University campus on the morning of March 12, my heart was filled with emotion. Years ago, as part of making Gujarat a hub of quality education, we established Khadi as a unique university that meets new safety standards. When I addressed the graduation ceremony for the first time, there was a lot of confidence in all the students who practiced there. I have a vision that this university will play an important role in our education system in the years to come. The overall package is quite pleasant.

The energy and consciousness of Khel Mahakumbh was unparalleled. This is a step towards making Gujarat a sports hub. Not only that, I see that we are moving in that direction. It was great to see the growing popularity of the games and the addition of many new games. Now Gujarat is ready to set new milestones in the world, it is becoming clear.

Despite the heat, crowds thronged to bless me, during both the roadshows we saw well-known faces of many activists with whom we had the privilege of working years ago. The presence of youth was also evident which shows the faith of the youth in us. The gleaming of the eyes of the greeting children was a very emotional sight for me. I am lucky that I got so much love.

In the recently concluded assembly elections, our party is forming the government in four states, its enthusiasm was clearly visible. This shows that the people of the country have unwavering faith in us and are dependent on us to fulfill their aspirations.

In your conversation with me, you gave details of how Gujarat coped with the COVID-19 pandemic, which is rare in centuries. The statistics of Gujarat’s vaccination campaign have caught the attention of the entire country. People have achieved this position keeping in mind their responsibility to fight COVID-19 through cooperative effort, these figures are proof of their talent.

This kind of collaborative effort is not new for Gujaratis. Time and again these people have proved it. We all know how firm the entire state was with Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel in the fight against imperialism during the freedom struggle. From time to time the people of the state took the state to the pinnacle of progress in various fields. This height of development has been realized only because of the dominance of the people.

The people of Gujarat know that as Chief Minister, I had laid special emphasis on water conservation for the farmers of Gujarat. Especially farmer brothers and sisters were urged to adopt the method of water harvesting and even today I am happy that they have implemented these suggestions and water conservation has become a mass movement today.

As a result, a district like Kutch, which was known for its drought, is now famous for its agricultural produce. Similarly, I request for a similar campaign for natural farming. In this matter, Gujarat does not have better experience than Hon’ble Governor Sir Acharya Devvartji.

This year is the elixir of freedom, which inspires us to work harder to realize the dreams of the great freedom fighters. Let us all work shoulder to shoulder and build a new India and this will be the only true tribute dedicated to our free fighters.



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