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Bhediya OTT Release Date: Know the OTT Release Date of Varun Dhawan’s Movie Bhediya!!

Since Bhediya came out in theatres on November 25, 2022, the movie has been through a lot of ups and downs and has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. Some people who like Varun Dhawan aren’t sure if they should spend their money to see the movie in the theatres. Bhediya is a horror-comedy movie about a werewolf who can change into different forms. It’s not like any other fantasy movie, so it’s hard to tell how good it is.

People who really want to see Varun Dhawan change into a wolf but don’t want to spend too much money on going to the theatre can watch the movie when it comes out on over-the-top (OTT).

Bhediya cost 60 crores to make, and it has made around 55 crores in two weeks, with the most money coming in on the weekends. It didn’t have a noticeable effect on the audience, and if it doesn’t make at least 5 crores more in the next few days, critics will call it a flop. When this happens, people are thinking about waiting until it comes out on OTT. No date has been given yet for when it will be available online.

The rules say that there should be at least 8 weeks between a movie’s theatre release and its box office release. “Bhediya,” which starred Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon, came out in the last week of November. Its OTT premiere is likely to happen at the end of January or the beginning of February 2023.

Before the start of the third week, Bhediya had made about 55 crores at the box office. It looks like it will be hard for the movie to join the 100-crore club. At the same time, Ajay Devgn’s thriller Drishyam-2 is a tough rival for the horror-comedy movie.

The movie did better on its third Saturday when it made 1.25 crores and stayed in theatres for a few more days before the new movie came out. Once “Avatar” hits theatres, all the other movies might lose more money. So, it will be hard for “Bhediya” to reach 65 crores and make a good profit so that it can be a commercial success.

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