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Bhagya Lakshmi 6th April 2023 Written Update Rishi Takes a Stand Against Malishka


Lakshmi’s words come to mind for Neelam. She is unhappy because Lakshmi has crossed all of her limits. She wishes to punish her but stops due to the holiday. Karishma suggests that they send Lakshmi with Rano. Kiran agrees with her. Rishi and Lakshmi do not escape, according to Sonal. Neelam claims that she did not want to do anything that would damage her reputation; if she had pushed Lakshmi out of the house, people would have questioned Rishi’s genuine intentions. She wants people to think of her as good and Lakshmi as bad. Karishma confirms that Neelam is correct. Malishka is happy that her strategy worked. She cheerfully leaps onto the bed. She recalls how she tricked Shalu and Bani. She is grateful to Sonal for getting her into the water in time and pulling her back to reality.

She is certain she did not reveal any secrets; else, the Oberois would not have saved her. She hears footsteps and falls asleep on the bed. Sonia arrives to speak with her. Malishka is a diamond, she says, since she has maintained their respect, unlike Lakshmi, who insulted them. She walks away. Malishka enjoys how everyone is trashing Lakshmi. She considers the day to be fortunate for her. She is curious as to who spiked the Thandai. Neelam says that even if they take Lakshmi away from Rishi, he will be unable to live without her. She desires a long-term strategy to keep Lakshmi away from Rishi. Here is about Shalu and Ayush Plan.

Neelam Expresses Promises to Drive Rishi and Lakshmi Away

She expresses her desire to marry Lakshmi. Karishma informs us that Lakshmi did not marry Aarav. Neelam claims that Lakshmi went to visit Aarav because of them and that if she leaves their house, she will not get married so quickly. She expresses her desire to eliminate Lakshmi from Rishi’s life. She requests that Karishma and Kiran figure out Lakshmi’s scheme and defeat her. Kiran recognizes her strategy and praises her. Karishma thinks Neelam is brilliant. Neelam expresses that she does not want to hear any compliments. She only wants to get her son out of Lakshmi’s grasp. She promises to drive Rishi and Lakshmi away. Get to Know Thandai Reveals Rishi’s Affection.

Rishi visits Lakshmi. He gets her to sleep correctly. He notices her expression and smiles. He gives her a kiss. He exits her chamber. Dadi and Virender reflect on Lakshmi’s remarks, which she had delivered from the heart. Lakshmi was not lying, according to Virender. Dadi requests that he not confuse her. She advises them to take action in order to discover the truth. He informs them that they have no choice but to accept the circumstance. Sonal pays a visit to Malishka. Malishka claims she was acting. She hugs Sonal and praises her for shoving her into the pool at the proper time since she would have divulged the secrets otherwise.

Sonal claims she shoved her into the water to shock her since she knew what Shalu was up to. Malishka claims that if she had revealed the secret, her marriage would have been called off. Sonal congratulates her on her outstanding performance. She informs her that everyone is complimenting her. She tells Kiran what Neelam told her when the latter asks if she doubts Malishka. In the flashback scene, Neelam expresses her doubt. Kiran stands up for Malishka, who has just told the truth.

Neelam Expresses Her Reservations About Shalu, Bani, and Lakshmi

Neelam states that she is now certain. Kiran claims that Malishka can do no wrong. Neelam expresses her reservations about Shalu, Bani, and Lakshmi, who sought to discredit Malishka and bring her into their sights. Nobody, she says, can shake her faith in Malishka. Malishka is relieved to learn this from Sonal. Sonal informs Neelam that from now on, he would always trust Malishka, and Shalu’s scheme has failed miserably. Rano begs Shalu and Bani to accept the fact that they can’t assist Lakshmi. Neha concurs with Rano, telling her that Malishka is astute and that Neelam is on her side.

Rano requests that Shalu allow the Oberois to marry Lakshmi to a nice guy, or else Lakshmi’s life will be stuck in the middle. She comprehends their strategy. She claims that nothing will go in Lakshmi’s favor and that Neelam will never allow Rishi and Lakshmi to marry. Shalu becomes agitated. Malishka warns Sonal that they must remain vigilant because Rishi and his family suspect her of lying. She claims that Rishi believes nothing transpired between them. She is concerned about Ayush and Lakshmi. Sonal concurs. Malishka says she will handle Lakshmi.

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