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Before the wedding, the groom did a lot of shopping with the family members and then the bride ran away.

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Two days before the wedding in Agra, a bride eloped with her family. Earlier, the groom’s family did a lot of shopping. The bride also carried expensive sarees, suits and lehenga. Now the police is looking for the bride.

The bride was separated from her family two days before the wedding. The bride and her alleged family members set a trap to commit fraud. Call yourself poor. Took the cost of marriage. Bride bought. For sarees, suit of your choice. Bought an expensive lehenga too. The family members of the groom have lodged a complaint at Jagdishpura police station. The address given by the bride’s family turned out to be fake.
An incident has happened with a youth resident of Awas Vikas Colony sector. The young man’s car is engaged in a cab company. A middleman came. He told that the girl is a resident of Kheda Rathore. Lives on rent in Sikandra, Radhanagar of the city. The girl is educated. The family is poor. There is no money for marriage. The boys have to bear the expenses from both the sides. There will be a wedding. Vachetia showed the young woman on March 2. The boy’s family members liked the girl. The baby shower ceremony was held in the wedding hall.

The wedding was to take place on April 16. Cards were thrown. The family has come home. The bride was talking to the groom on the phone. The family of the young man had transferred Rs 80,000 online to the family members of the bride for the wedding expenses. On April 11, the girl’s mobile was switched off. The young man tried to contact her several times. The boy called the middleman without answering. He didn’t even pick up the phone. The boy felt that nothing had happened. Reached Radhanagar. No one could be found at the address given by the girl’s parents. Seeing this, the bride’s senses were blown away. They reached Khera Rathore. Find out there. Contacted the village head. It was found that no one by this name lives in the village. After this information, the boys were convinced that they had been cheated. The groom’s party has lodged a complaint at Jagdishpura police station.
not even once showed my house
The groom’s side told the police that they suspected that the girl’s side was cheating in this way. People from outside Agra. He did not show his house even once. He liked the girl. Most of the conversations were also over the phone. The engagement and baby shower ceremony took place at the wedding house. The girl’s people did not call anyone from the side. Only a few people attended. It was said that they did not want to increase the crowd. The financial condition is not good, so only family members will be involved in the marriage.

the intermediary paid the cost from the boys
He is alleged to have acted as a mediator in the marriage arrangement. He borne the wedding expenses to the girl’s family. Inspector Jagdishpura Pravindra Kumar Singh said that the investigation is on. Case will be registered on the basis of evidence.

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Before the wedding the groom did a lot of shopping



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