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Before breaking the traffic rules, be careful from the judges, a case can also be registered in the police against the violator

In the state of Gujarat, once again big news has come out regarding traffic rules. Now e-traffic court will be started in the state of Gujarat. There are indications from the government that in the near future legal action will be taken against those who break the traffic rules and heavy memos and FIRs will also be lodged for breaking the rules. If the amount of e-memo is not paid on time, then legal action will be taken against that person.

To ensure strict adherence to the traffic rules, many rules are being made by the government so that there is a possibility of changes in the traffic rules again in the near future.

Till now, Rs 150 crore has not been recovered, raising fears that the government may take drastic measures in the next six months, and the government may now come up with something new to take legal action against such persons.

Not only Ahmedabad but the whole of Gujarat is facing the shortage of petrol and diesel. Petrol pumps in Paldi area of ​​Ahmedabad are currently considered out of stock due to shortage of petrol.

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