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Be it roti or dosa, garlic chutney enhances the taste of food, learn how to make it

garlic chutney recipe

garlic chutney recipe .Many times it happens that the mind says to eat, but after seeing vegetables, the desire decreases. This often happens when you don’t like vegetables. If this happens to you too, then you can make a quick garlic chutney.

This chutney will completely change the taste of the food. Good thing it doesn’t require too many frills to make. You can prepare it easily and quickly. It can also be served with Saudi Indian dishes. Learn how to make it here.

How to make garlic chutney recipe

To make garlic chutney you will need garlic cloves, small tomatoes, sambar powder, cumin powder, salt, oil.

To do this, peel and peel the garlic well and then coarsely mash it into a puree, alternatively you can blend it, then peel the tomatoes.

Now mix all the remaining ingredients except oil. Then add hot oil and mix well. Make instant garlic chutney. It can be served with dosa, uttapam, roti, paratha, rice.

Follow the simple method of peeling garlic

To prepare chutney quickly, follow the simple procedure of peeling garlic.

For this, soak the buds in water for a while and then put them in a choli or garlic bud box and shake the box well. Peel the garlic and it will become one.

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