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Barkha will do a new trick, but Anupama has also become cautious

Many new and big changes are coming in TV’s well-known serial Anupama. Barkha will avenge her insult to Anupam. So on the other hand Anupama will be more cautious now. Now it remains to be seen whether Anupama gets caught in Barkha’s words or retaliates.

Paritosh will take Samar’s side at Shah House and ask Pakhi to speak with understanding. He also tells Pakhi that she is behaving like a small child. Children are more attracted to the guest who gives more money to the child. Pakhi then says that even if he understands what he has to understand, he will go to Anupama’s house.

Later it will be seen that Adik starts following Pakhi on social media. Paakhi is very excited to go to Anupama’s house. On the other hand Anuj and Ankush are excited to eat. GK is with them. GK is eaten in the same vessel, due to which Barkha gets jealous.

Barkha will then prompt Ankush to talk about business. Ankush will ask Anuj if he can also participate in his business. Anuj agrees. He further says that only then Anupama will give confirmation. Anupama is shocked.

Barkha and Ankush are also shocked to hear about Anuj. The wings are only shown to give a sense of proportion. Vanraj is worried about Wing. Pankhi tells Vanraj that he has been punished for abusing. Vanraj forgives Pankhi.

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