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Barkha is making a big plan against Anuj and Anupama, now know what will happen in the next episode

Anupama is going to have a big episode in the show today. Fans are also eagerly waiting to watch this episode. Now in the next episode, Barkha will plan against Anuj and Anupama.

Anuj and Anupama are happy to see Barkha. Anuj joins Anupama along with Barkha. Barkha asks Anuj how surprised he was. Anuj says he is very happy. Anupama feels at Barkha’s feet.

Anuj asks Barkha to bless Anupama. Then Arun praises Anupama. Then Anupama becomes very emotional. When Barkha and Arun ask Anupama why this is happening, Anuj says that she has become emotional because of her extremely emotional nature.

At that time both of them see empty photo frame. Anupama says she was already a wife but now she is enough. Then a young man from the crowd tries to tease the bird. Then a young man from the local people helps him. The bird is greatly affected.

Paritosh will fight to save his sister. Pakhi defends the young man. Both look at each other. Barkha is shocked to learn that Anupama has a business and a house. Now she is thinking against Anupama which is a matter of great concern for Anupama.

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