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Banned chinese app has been renamed on play store, have you downloaded it?

Banned chinese app has been renamed on play store, have you downloaded it?

In the year 2020, after a clash with the Chinese army in Galwan, the Indian government started banning Chinese mobile apps that were storing data of Indians in China. In the last 2 years, the Indian government has banned a total of 320 Chinese apps.

But Zee News in its special investigation found that the two major Chinese apps banned by the Indian government, ShareIt and AppLock, have changed their names and are back on the Play Store. Till now crores of people have also downloaded these two apps in their mobile phones.

This ben chinese app has been renamed on play store, have you downloaded it?

After the skirmish with Chinese soldiers in Galwan, the Indian government has conducted 4 digital strikes on 320 Chinese apps since June 2020, including Tiktok, Shareit, Like, Cam Scanner, AppLock, WeChat, UC Browser, Xander. are prohibited. So far.

The biggest reason for banning these apps was the espionage of Indians who were collecting data from these apps and sending them to China. But after the Indian government’s digital strike, some of these banned apps are now back on the Playstore with a name change. And millions of people have also downloaded these newly named apps.

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In June 2020, in the first digital strike on Chinese apps, India banned the data transfer app, ShareIt. After which this app disappeared from Android Playstore. But a few days later, on July 4, 2020, the Share It app again came on the Play Store under the name Share Crow. The logo of this app is exactly like the restricted Share It, only this time the developer’s name has been changed. While the developer of Share was Smart Media4U Technology, the developer of Sharecrow has been renamed as Sharecrow Team and is being promoted on Play Store as India’s Share app so that people don’t think it is a Chinese app But this is Indian. Understand the app itself.

But when our team investigated this Share kro app, we found that the QR code generated by this app to share or receive the file is found by visiting the same server as the original Share it app. This means that your data is still going to the Chinese servers. At the same time, this share kro application has been downloaded more than 10 crore times on the Play Store.

Share Like Share In February this year, the Indian government in its fourth digital strike banned a Chinese app called AppLock. But just a few days after the ban, this app named AppLock is also back on the Play Store with a changed name from a new developer.

The developer of the AppLock app banned by the Indian government was called Do Mobile Labs, but a few days after the ban, a developer with a changed name called Do Mobile AppLock re-uploaded the app. Play shop. After which this applock has been downloaded 50 lakh times so far. When our team checked this app we found that there is only developer name difference between new app and old app. App’s server website, e-mail and app details are 100% identical.

At the same time, there is a difference in the name of the developer that the developer of the banned app was named DoMobile Lab and the name of the developer of the new app, the name of the new app was changed to Do Mobile. , Applock by writing applock instead of lab.

According to an estimate by Deloitte, an international professional services provider, India had over 750 million smartphone users in the year 2021, which is projected to exceed 100 crore by 2026. On the other hand, according to experts, India is a lucrative market for Chinese app owners. So Chinese companies can start the old game of espionage by changing names and re-entering the phones of Indians.

Traders’ organization Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has raised the issue of renaming Chinese apps with the Indian government. After which a letter has been written to IT Minister Ashwini Vaishna, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal demanding to block these apps so that these apps do not succeed in their spying work.

If you are not working without such app, then we give you not only problem but also solution. In such a situation, the first thing you should do is that if you have also downloaded this app named Share for File Sharing, then delete it immediately.

And you can download other Indian apps on play store that allow to share or receive files. For example, Share All app, Smart Switch app, Jio Switch app or SFT app which is Indian and allows you to share or receive data. Similarly, you can use Norton AppLock, Perfect AppLock or Applocker instead of Chinese AppLock. So that your privacy is also maintained and Chinese people cannot steal your data.

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