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Bad signs for Taiwan, China is running military operations abroad

Chinese President Xi Jinping has signed new rules related to the war campaign. Under which the Chinese army can now conduct special military operations in other countries as well. At the same time, under the new rules, the possibility of attacking China’s neighboring country Taiwan has increased.

According to a report, the Chinese President took this decision only a few weeks after China signed a security agreement with the Solomon Islands. He does not call this attack a war.

According to media reports, the new rule is applicable from June 15. China’s state-run news agency said in a brief report on Monday that it would be carried out in a completely systematic and controlled manner, mainly by basic principles, organization, operational and political functions, as well as by the military.

It states that the new rules regarding non-combatant military operations are designed to preserve the stability and sovereignty of the regional organization. But the report said the rule comes at a time when Ukraine’s president recently urged Taiwan to avoid the risk of military action and seek diplomatic solutions.

Citing the example of Ukraine, President Vladimir Genlesky said at an event in Singapore that the world should always support preventive measures. At the time, the Chinese Defense Minister accused the United States of meddling in Asia.

It should be noted that the Chinese military has been actively building military power near Taiwan for the past three years. China’s official rhetoric from 2020 allows for reunification with Taiwan as a result of an armed attack.

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