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Ayush and Lakshmi Are Found Laughing: What Happened to Them?


She informs Ayush that he failed and that he should try again another time. Shalu considers going to see Rano. Ayush and Lakshmi become inebriated. Virender pulls over to talk with Rishi. Neelam inquires about what Rishi is doing and whether he will drink anything without first checking it. She wonders why he put on such a show. Dadi and Virender stand up for Rishi. Virender tells them stories from his childhood. Neelam chuckles. Here is  Rishi Takes a Stand Against Malishka.

Karishma recalls that those days were enjoyable, but Rishi had made them tense this time. She inquires as to whether Lakshmi had spiked his drink. Rishi claims that Lakshmi did nothing. He promises never to irritate them.

Bhagya Lakshmi

He walks away to rest. Karishma requests that Virender refrains from encouraging his friends. Virender’s friends say goodbye and thank him for the wonderful party. Ayush and Lakshmi burst out laughing. Ayush is perplexed about why they are laughing when nothing good has occurred. Lakshmi claims that she is unaware of the situation. Ayush and Lakshmi are found laughing and in good spirits by the family. Neelam is curious as to what happened to them. Ahana laughs at their amusing drama. She enjoys their antics. Get to know  Shalu and Ayush Plan.

Neelam requests that Karishma not accompany them because they are high. Lakshmi insists on a helicopter. She tells Rishi that he can do anything for her, so she calls him and requests that he become a helicopter pilot. Rishi, according to Ayush, adores her. Lakshmi searches for Rishi. Ahana leaves to find Rishi. Sonia requests that Ayush stop embarrassing them. Ayush tells her to have fun. Karishma is enraged that Lakshmi has performed magic on her son. She wishes Lakshmi would leave their lives. She describes Lakshmi as an embarrassment.


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