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At the time of death, Ravana had given these three Sikhs to Lakshmana.

The two wars are the most prevalent in the history of India. One is Mahabharata and the other is Ramayana. Truth and Dharma always won in both these wars. We all know that Truth and Dharma always win in any kind of war, anywhere. Ravana was a mighty demon in the battle of Ramayana.

Even though Ravana was a great sage, he abducted Mother Sita and committed unrighteousness. Lord Rama fought with Ravana to punish Ravana for this iniquity. Inside which Ravana died. In fact Ravana was a great scholar and the best devotee of Shiva.

He did penance many times to please Lord Shankar and received many blessings from him. Ravana was well versed in Tantra Vidya, Astrology and Raj Vidya, and so when Lord Rama killed Ravana he asked Lakshmana to take his knowledge from Ravana. Ravana gave these three Sikhs to Lakshmana while dying?

First Sikh: Ravana was an arrogant demon and was proud of his strength and intelligence. That’s why he committed many unrighteous deeds in his life. Ravana first gave Lakshmana that when a person is determined to do any good work, then he should start it as soon as possible. And in the same way, any inauspicious work should be avoided as far as possible. So that you never have to regret in life.

Second Sikh: Ravana gave Lakshman another Sikh saying that no matter how powerful a person is, he should never underestimate his enemies. Ravana considered Hanuman to be an ordinary monkey which was his biggest mistake.

Third Sikh: In his third Sikh, Ravana told Lakshmana that no one should ever discriminate against himself. Because doing this only hurts you, no matter how good the person in front is, he should never be called your difference.

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