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Asit Modi is looking for another mercy.

Yes, you read that right. A new cast is being sought to replace Disha Vankani as Dayaben. Makers have started taking auditions for Dayaben. So now it can be guessed that this show is going to make noise like before.

Now new mercy is coming in this serial. The makers have decided that their fans will not be offended by the new mercy. Navi Dayaben should be quite capable in place of Disha Vankani. The show’s producer Asit Modi has confirmed that Disha will not be back but there will be a new face for the character she plays.

Talking to a well-known newspaper, Asit Kumar said, “Disha Vankani will not be able to return as Dayaben. However, Dayaben’s character will definitely return in the show. The auditions for the Directional Replacement have begun. Fans will soon get to see a new mercy in the show. It has to be seen how these new kind of people will feel.

How did it take so long to fill Disha Vakani’s place? In response to this question, Asit Kumar Modi said, “After getting married, Disha worked with us for some time, but then she took a break. He had a child. She continued this break to raise the child. He never left the show.

We expected Disha Vakani to return, but then Corona came. During that time there was a lot of risk in shooting and everything had to be done carefully. Our team took all precautions, but Disha Vakani refused to return to the show. She said she was scared.”

The famous TV show Taarak Mehta has been entertaining people for more than 13 years. Every artist of this show has become familiar with this serial at home. However, the star of this serial, Mehta i.e. Shailesh Lodha has just said goodbye to the serial.

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