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As the season of saffron mango approaches, mangoes cost Rs 350 per box. Got reduced, prices are still falling..

Now day by day the heat is decreasing and preparations for monsoon are being seen with pre-monsoon activity. So the farmers who are sowing mangoes in the mango season are suffering the most. It’s time to trade mango the right way.

According to the forecast made by the Meteorological Department, after some time rain can be seen. So in the next ten to fifteen days news is coming that Kerry may leave the market.

Mango prices have come down drastically. Carry’s box has seen a huge drop from Rs 200 to Rs 350. So the price of 10 kg mangoes in the market has increased from Rs 450 to Rs 1200.

Most of the season towards Talala is ending now, due to which the mangoes of Kutch can now pick up the market in near future. Most mangoes will not be seen in the market till the end of June. The most famous market yard for carrying saffron is Talala. But now there is a good supply of mangoes in Gondal as the revenue is dwindling.

After talking to a wholesaler of Naroda, it came to know that the season of saffron vegetable is about to end, due to which there is a huge drop in prices. Its impact is being felt in the retail market as well as the wholesale market. Mango fans were not excited this year as the quality of mangoes declined day by day.

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