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‘Are you in this video?’, the reply to this message might make you sad

Imagine if a friend or relative of yours suddenly sent you a link and asked, ‘Are you in this video?’, what would be your reaction? In general, you will try to find yourself by opening this link and in the same way you will bet on the money in your bank account and all the information you need. Let us know what we are talking about and what are the consequences.

If you are wondering what we are talking about, then let us tell you that a scam has been going on on the popular social media platform Facebook for some time now. In the scam, people are getting messages on Facebook Messenger with links to their Facebook friends saying ‘Are you in this video?’ Let us tell you that this is actually a way to hack the user’s Facebook account and later the bank account.

As a simple response, most users try to find themselves by clicking on the link as soon as they receive the message. Clicking on this link will tell you that you have to enter your Facebook ID and password here and then you will be shown ‘Video’. Let me tell you – there is actually no video here and this is how hackers steal your Facebook credentials. These hackers then access your other personal information and your bank account.

If you are wondering how to avoid this scam, then let us tell you that think twice before clicking on any link. One of the major problems with this scam is that you may not even realize that this message is being sent from your account to others. Keep in mind that if you receive a message or any other message in which the link does not begin with HTTPS or HTTP, understand that this link is fake and click on it. You may have to suffer heavy losses due to this.

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