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Are you addicted to mobile? So know its symptoms and ways to get rid of it.


In today’s world, boy or girl, he spends so much time on the phone that it cannot be said. All these people are so addicted to mobile that even if they want, they are not able to stay away from the mobile phone.

Using a mobile phone is not a bad thing and today we can easily talk to people from one corner of the world to another because of mobile.

But it becomes a problem when we start using mobile phone a lot. There is nothing wrong in receiving calls, using WhatsApp or watching videos on YouTube.

But if you are busy with your mobile other than your important work, then it hurts you a lot. If you also think that we are stuck in mobile for a long time, then definitely think once. And if those people know that we are addicted to mobile then you must read this post once.

side effects of mobile addiction

decrease in productivityHow To Get Rid Of Mobile Addiction - Gujutalk

In today’s world if we want to be ahead in our market and business or in our work, we have to work more productively than our competitors.

But mobile addiction slows down the productivity of our work. Many times you may have noticed that you are working on something, so if you check your phone in the middle then you are glued to the phone.

loss of education

Mobiles do the most damage to students and nowadays students keep mobile phones with them even during their studies.

After receiving a message on his phone, he leaves his studies and stays on his phone.

late night wake up

When we go to sleep at night, we go to sleep with a mobile in hand. We keep on doing something on the mobile till we fall asleep.

Its biggest disadvantage is that as long as you are busy on the phone, you cannot sleep. Staying on the phone makes you sleepy at night, that is why you do not wake up early in the morning.

easy way to get rid of mobile addiction

So far we have seen the disadvantages of using more mobiles and the symptoms of mobile addiction. Now let’s see how to get rid of this mobile addiction.

divert attention from mobile

Friends, whenever you feel that you are wasting your time in mobile, then you should focus on some other work.

Everyone likes to do something. For example, someone goes to the gym to exercise, someone reads a book, etc.

Apart from this, try to increase your productivity, it will also benefit your work and business. If you focus on your work, then your attention will not automatically go to the mobile.

You have to be more discriminatory in the assistance you provide to other people.

remove unnecessary applications

There are so many apps available on play store these days, that is why we are getting deep into mobile addiction.

Most of the time we install applications which are not needed in our mobile. And you know when we open the mobile we start looking at the app to see what the app looks like.

Some people have a bad habit of always downloading new apps from Play Store, which wastes a lot of their time.If you have also become a victim of mobile addiction then try this remedy and get rid of it.

We are not telling you that there is no application in your mobile, only you do not need to install unnecessary applications in your mobile which you do not need.

use a simple phone

This is a great solution that actually works. Once you will remember the time when people used to have plane phones.

You also have to use that simple phone. So at that time you would not have spent so much time on your normal mobile.

But nowadays with the advent of smartphones and the use of different types of apps, our people are becoming addicted to it.

So you can also use a simple phone, this is a great way to get rid of this addiction.



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