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Apple’s Headset Job Listings Hint It’s Constructing Its Own Metaverse

Bloomberg originally reported that Apple is seeking engineers to create a 3D environment for its yet-to-be-announced mixed-reality headset.

Initial reports of the company’s development of a virtual and augmented reality headset surfaced in early 2021, and Apple’s August trademark applications indicate that the headgear may be called “Reality One” or “Reality Pro.”

Apple’s Technology Development Group is seeking individuals to create content for its headset, including software developers to create visual effects for augmented reality and virtual reality environments and video service developers to create 3D material.

A job posting for a senior software engineer in graphics and simulation seeks someone with “experience in 3D graphics to lead the development of a simulation and synthetic data pipeline for machine learning training.”

Apple did not react immediately to an Insider request for comment on the job postings prior to publication. The headgear is anticipated to include 12 cameras to display real-time video of the outside world to the wearer and might cost up to $3,000, according to a report by The Information.

While a 3D mixed-reality world sounds similar to what Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta intends to construct in the next years, Apple is unlikely to use the term “metaverse” to describe its version.

Tim Cook, the chief executive officer of Apple, recently told the Dutch news outlet Bright that he dislikes using the term “metaverse.”

“I believe it is always necessary for people to comprehend what something is. And I’m not sure the typical person knows what the metaverse is,” Cook said in an interview with Bright.

However, Cook appears to be fascinated with AR, as he told the site that he believes it to be “a fundamental technology that will influence everything.” He also stated that virtual reality cannot be used to “live your entire life.”

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, stated in an October conference organized by The Wall Street Journal that metaverse is a “term I’ll never use.” Craig Federighi, the senior vice president of software engineering at Apple, responded to Joswiak’s remark by stating, “I’m okay with it.”

Bloomberg stated that Apple is slated to deliver its first mixed-reality headset in 2023.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, said to his employees in July that the business is engaged in a “philosophical rivalry” with Apple to construct the virtual reality world.

Meta fired off over 11,000 employees this week, the company’s first large layoff in its history and a major cost-cutting move in response to mounting investor worry over his metaverse plan. Employees anticipated layoffs as the company’s development slowed and investors expressed concern over Zuckerberg’s expenditure on the metaverse.

Apple and Snapchat have both expressed a desire to focus more on augmented reality than virtual reality, with Snap CEO Evan Spiegel describing augmented reality as “more immersive.

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