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Applause is very good for health, read how


Clapping is not only devotion, it also has scientific reasons. When a child learns to speak, he first utters the words ma, da, ba. Applause is equally important. Our grandparents are clapping while the little ones are playing. Science has found that the first physical gesture of every child is to clap.

Everyone will remember that after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal in the first phase of corona infection in India in March, the general public applauded doctors, medical staff, police personnel, scavengers, media as well as people engaged in essential services. Was. , Clapping is a sign of enthusiasm, encouragement and positivity.

Like laughing therapy, clapping therapy is known as an alternative medicine. Clapping helps to get rid of many diseases. Most of the people in the world go to the gym, diet or go to the health center to stay healthy and spend money. Clapping therapy is an easy way to get this health at home for free. Let’s talk today about the many benefits of clapping.

Pressure Points: All five pressure points have different effects. Each organ is connected with each other by nerves and blood vessels. Clapping stimulates these vessels and improves blood circulation in the body. Clapping the left hand with the right allows blood and oxygen to flow to the left lung, liver, gall bladder, kidney and intestines, as well as to the right sinus points.

As a result, the health of these organs remains good. Clapping benefits the organs opposite to the pressure on the point of the hand. Regular clapping increases the number of white blood cells. White blood cells work to increase the body’s immunity. In this way, clapping is beneficial in many diseases like constipation, dyspepsia, acidity, anemia, insomnia, depression, sleep disc, eye weakness, high blood pressure, diabetes. With the regular practice of clapping, miraculous results can be seen.

High Concentration: Hands, brain and eyes are all used for clapping. Sticking to the rhythm increases our concentration and memory. Increase in concentration leads to progress in studies. Hand-eye coordination while clapping improves vision. Young children benefit from the exercise of clapping and enjoy the game.

Self-healing: According to scientific research, the human body works on the principle of reflexology. This is a type of massage technique that puts pressure on the reflex points of the hand. Giving information in this regard, Satish Dharek, acupressure and naturopath based in Kandivali says, Clapping is a one-handed reflexology therapy. There is pressure on some points when clapping. The pressure activates the internal organs.

Clap Energy Clap: Rubbing mustard or coconut oil into the palm of the hand, keeping both hands at a parallel distance, clap vigorously in such a way that the fingers and thumb touch each other, generating more energy .

Clapping: Clapping on one palm with the fingers of the other hand until the palm turns red. This use is beneficial in constipation, dyspepsia, acidity, anaemia, respiratory diseases.

Clapping: This is done by keeping the hands parallel to the fingers and clapping on the palms of the hands. In diseases like frozen shoulder, depression, insomnia and weakness of the eyes, clapping for 10 to 15 minutes daily is beneficial.

Grip Clap: Palms of both hands on each other in such a way as to mark a cross (clapping at the cross). Clapping the same grip for a while causes sweat in the body. Sweating cleanses the skin by flushing out body waste.



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