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Apart from Rahu, Saturn is also the Margi, Saturn on 3 signs


September was a very important month from the point of view of change of zodiac and movement of many planets. Now at the end of September, Saturn, which is considered to be a cruel planet, is returning. Saturn’s zodiac change and curvature have special significance in astrology because whenever Saturn’s movement changes, it affects all the zodiac signs.

Saturn is considered to be the slowest moving planet among all the planets. It takes about two and a half years for Saturn to move from one zodiac to another. After 18 months of Rahu-Ketu, the zodiac has changed and now Saturn is going to be retrograde. In astrology, Vakreen means opposite and Margi means to walk straight. Most of the planets in the curved state have a negative effect, while orbiting around has a positive effect on the life of the living beings. In such a situation, due to the orbit of Saturn, the obstacles in the life of many people will be less and they will be lucky.

Saturn’s Saturn – Money, Capricorn and Aquarius on these three signs: Saturn is currently moving in the opposite direction in Capricorn. But while in Capricorn, it will move in a straight line. Saturn’s Saturn is in Capricorn and Aquarius. Shani’s Saturn is in three phases. First, second and third. Shani’s half-century is the last phase on the money sign. The second phase is going on Capricorn and the first phase is going on Aquarius. Many problems will come on the half-century of Shani. The work will not be completed on time. There will be disease and economic crisis.

Gemini and Libra – Saturn’s zodiac on two signs: In astrological calculations, the zodiac of Saturn is also considered inauspicious. Saturn is currently in Gemini and Libra. Shani’s dhaiya is grazing in the fourth and eighth house from the birth sign. Which lasts for two and a half years. It becomes even more difficult for the native.

Libra: Today, most of the time may be spent in activities related to leisure and entertainment. Which will make you feel relaxed and full of energy. Luck will also favor you. Now is the right time to complete your unfinished tasks.

Meaning: Today is the day to spend time with family and children. Also, time will be spent in shopping and fun activities. Some positive things about your personality can come in front of people. Good results will be in your favor. You will take some important decisions to maintain good relations with family and relatives. Also helping children at work will give them a sense of security. The exchange of ideas can give them solutions in a new direction.

Aquarius: The cooperation of the elders of the house in your important work will create a fortunate environment for you. Time will be spent in entertainment. Your efficiency will also increase.

Capricorn: There will be a plan to do something creative and work on it. Some people may challenge you but you will be successful by accepting it. Interest in religious work will increase.

Money: Today you will be more busy in daily work. You will complete all your work with full zeal and enthusiasm. It is possible to buy something new in the house. People will admire your ability and talent.

Aries: The present time is to make dreams come true. Difficulties will be reduced with the guidance of elders. The fruit of the work done with patience will be auspicious. There will be profit but at a slow pace.

Cancer: The financial situation will improve by getting the stuck payment today. At this point the benefic planetary positions are being formed. Make good use of your time. At the same time, complete dedication towards your work is creating new achievements for you.

Girls: Focus on current activities without making any important decisions today. The support of family members will also be beneficial for you. If you get any important suggestion today, then consider it seriously.



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