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Anupama’s look changed after marriage, you will not be able to stop yourself by looking at the photo

Anuj and Anupama got married in the TV serial Anupama. Anupama Anujan has come home after getting married. Here Anupama will make pudding for Anuj in the first cooking. Anuj will tell her that she doesn’t need to work alone and will help her. Anuj used to tell her not to keep the towel in his bathroom and to take off the clothes. Because they don’t want Anupama to get angry without any reason.

Rupali Ganguly’s love for Anuj in Jaya TV serial continues to grow and she is very happy with Anuj in her new house, Rupali is getting beautiful in real life too. Rupali has recently done a photoshoot and she is looking very beautiful in it. You can’t help but admire this photo.

Fans are very happy with Anupama and Anuj’s honeymoon starting soon. On the other hand Vanraj is very angry as Kavya wants to get rid of him. Vanraj is also getting angry as he says that Anupama was the leader of the house but now it is time to take the responsibility of the house and children. Vanraj Bada apologizes to the homeowner and says that he will now start a new one. Vanraj says that he still has the strength to handle the whole family.

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