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Anupama’s bride came out wearing very short clothes in the middle of the night and the video of dance on the road went viral.

Anupama’s cultured bride Kinjal danced on the streets of Mumbai at midnight, whose video is now becoming very viral on social media.

Anupama’s wife Kinjal’s dance video is going viral on social media. In this video, Kinjal is wearing very short clothes. The actress is wearing a white striped gown. He also had a friend from Kinjal. The two were seen wearing such short dresses at midnight and dancing to the same song in a pub apart from on the streets of Mumbai.

Kinjal has shared a video of the dance on social media. The actress wrote in the caption of the video, “While my Punjab is in the city… Side effect after the party.” Celebrities are constantly commenting on Kinjal’s video. The song on which Kinjal is dancing with her friend in this video is ‘Nach Punjaban’ from the film ‘Jug-Jug Jio’.

Anupama’s onscreen Wahoo Kinjal i.e. Nidhi keeps sharing photos and videos almost every day to stay connected with her fans. Nidhi looks beautiful not only in traditional look but also in western look. He has shared a great photo on his Instagram. His followers are also increasing day by day.

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