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Anupamaa Ultimate Sacrifice: Convincing Anuj to Let Go of Anu!


Anupamaa, the lead character in the popular Indian television drama series “Anupamaa,” has been struggling with a number of personal challenges. Another twist in the show is Anupamaa convincing Anuj to let go of Anu!

Anupamaa Ultimate Sacrifice: Convincing Anuj to Let Go of Anu!

Anupama will convince Anuj to give Anu to Maaya in the upcoming story. The latest Anupama track deals around Maaya bringing Anu back to Anuj and Anupama one last time so that they can say their goodbyes.


Anuj and Anupama are attempting to convince Anu to leave them and go with Maaya by asking her why she wants to do so. According to the latest Anupama twists, Anupama will convince Anuj that they must offer Anu to Maaya while attempting to prevent Anu from leaving them.

Anupama is surprised when she hears Anu’s emotions of guilt because she is the reason Anuj and Anupama fight. Anu claims she needs to go with Maaya since she is alone and would continue to cause arguments between Anuj and Anupama until Maaya gets Anu.

Anuj would be enraged at hearing Anupama and will believe she is unconcerned about Anu leaving. Let’s see how Anuj reacts to Anupama’s behavior in the upcoming Anupama episodes.

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