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Anupama Worries as Kavya and Anirudh Grow Closer


Anupama, a popular Indian television program, has kept fans on the edge of their seats with its fascinating storyline and amazing cast. One of the primary plotlines that have concerned fans is the growing closeness between Kavya and Anirudh, which has made Anupama feel increasingly anxious and insecure.

Kavya, who was once close to Anupama, has been struggling to accept Anupama’s growing success and confidence. Her envy and insecurity have driven her to attempt to undermine Anupama’s relationship with her husband, Vanraj. Kavya has become closer to Anirudh, who was once Anupama’s spouse before their divorce, in her efforts to break them apart.


Anupama Worries as Kavya and Anirudh Grow Closer

The show on Star Plus Anupama is currently focused on Kavya, breaking down all barriers. Kavya is no longer able to settle in Shah House since she is sure that Vanraj would never change.

This will have a severe impact on her relationship with Vanraj since she will no longer compromise at any cost. Kavya will bring Anirudh with her to Anupama’s birthday party.

Anupama will observe the relationship between Kavya and Anirudh and would be disturbed that Vanraj was unable to maintain his second marriage as well. Kavya, on the other hand, is now experiencing the calm and contentment she has desired for so long.

As the tension between Kavya, Anirudh, and Anupama grows, fans can expect even more drama and excitement on this famous television show. Anupama, with its strong characters and compelling performances, is set to remain one of television’s most talked-about shows for years to come.

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