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Anupama will teach a lesson to sister-in-law as soon as she moves to the new house, Anuj will become Joru’s maid

The story of the incomparable serial is still getting interesting with time. Anuj’s family is creating new problems for Anupama. Even after marriage, Anupama has to face many difficulties.

Serial Anupama must have seen by now that Anuj Anupama is organizing a party in her new house. In this party, Barkha is creating a ruckus with her guest. Barkha does not allow Anupama to enter the house. Anupama announces to forcibly enter the house. In such a situation, there is going to be a lot of commotion in Anupama’s new house.

In the upcoming episode of Gaurav Khanna Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey’s superhit serial Anupama, you must have seen that Anupama will explain to Barkha. After that Anupama will take off the slippers of all the guests. Anuj and Anupama will clean their house together. After that Anuj will perform havan with all the guests.

Soon Anupama is going to enter her new house. Meanwhile, Anupama will also take Barkha with her. Anupama will try to apply turmeric on the wall of the house. Barkha will ask Anupama not to do this. Anupama and Barkha will interact in front of the guests. In this, Anuj will settle the quarrel of both. Anuj will put paper on the wall, this paper will also be printed by hand.

Bapuji will burp while drinking water in the party. After that the guests will start talking about it. Barkha will take advantage of this opportunity. Barkha will make fun of Bapuji with the guests. Meanwhile, Bapuji’s hand will break the glass. Bapuji will panic as soon as the glass breaks.

Vanraj’s anger will erupt on Anupama’s guests. Vanraj Barkha will be angry in front of everyone. Anupama will try to pacify Vanraj. Anupama will apologize to Vanraj in front of everyone.

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