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Anupama will rule the kitchen or Anupama’s class will also wear a barkha there.

Anupama serial is becoming more entertaining day by day. For the viewers of this serial, there will be many ups and downs in all the upcoming episodes. So far many new actors have been entered in the serial. Anupama now has a sister-in-law in her life who is causing trouble for Dougal to follow.

In the upcoming episode of serial Anupama, it will be seen that Anupama’s condition will worsen after Bapuji leaves Anupama’s house. Anupama will get emotional after eating Bapuji’s Lavel sweets. Then Anuj will try to pacify Anupama. After pacifying Anupama, Anuj will go to sister-in-law Barkha.

Anuj will try to persuade Barkha but from Barkha’s words, Anuj understands that Anupama and Barkha cannot live together in the same house. So Anuj will decide that now he will bring some distance between Barkha and his family. However, Anupama will stop him from doing so. Anupama tells Anuj that Anupama cannot live without family.

At the same time, seeing Adil’s wallpaper on Pankhi’s phone, Vanraj will come to know about Pankhi’s affair. Vanraj will try to control Pankhi but Pankhi does not like this and will get angry with Vanraj. Vanraj will get angry as Pankhi is now going to live with Anupama.

Now Anupama will soon be seen handling the kitchen in her new house. Anupama would like to handle the kitchen work in her own way but Barkha will not give up her chase. Barkha will show her brotherhood there too and even after that Anupama will not leave a single opportunity to offend and listen to her.

Now it has to be seen how Anupama drives herself away from the coming trouble.

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