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Anupama will insult Barkha sister-in-law in a big party, will break her ego in minutes

There is a lot of drama going on in the serial these days. Anoop’s life has become difficult after the entry of Anuj’s sister-in-law Barkha in the serial. Barkha has decided that she will keep Anuj’s property.

By now you must have seen that Bapuji would have been insulted a lot at the party in Anoop’s new house. In Anoop’s absence, Barkha will make fun of Bapuji amongst themselves. In the upcoming episode of Anoop, it will be seen that such behavior with Bapuji will not be tolerated by Anoop.

Barkha’s respect will be reduced in front of Anoop. Not only Anup, Anuj will also come to know that he is not trying to look like Barkha at all. Which means it’s also going to be the most confusing time of the year.

There will be many more twists and turns in the upcoming episodes which will keep the audience entertained. After the marriage of Anuj and Anoop, four new actors have entered this serial. Now it has to be seen how Anupama solves everything.

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