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Anupama will go on honeymoon, on the other hand, Vanraj will be heartbroken to see Kavya getting ready and going to meet her ex-husband.

In today’s episode of Anupama you will see that Anupama is the first to cook and Anuj helps her. On the other hand, Vanraj Kavya will get angry on getting divorced. Anuj will video call Samar and Babuji but no one will make phone calls. Babuji does not want Anupama to know about the trouble going on in the house. Vanraj will come and talk to the people of the house.

Anuj will ask Anupama not to give her special treat and Anupama will get emotional after hearing this. Anupama will say that she will not serve Anuj but will need attention. Anupama will often remember Shah House. On the other hand, Vanraj will say that now he will take care of the relations of the Shah family and all the responsibilities of the house. He will say that neither incomparability nor poetry is needed to take the responsibility of this house. Vanraj will ask for his old work and will talk about starting a new one.

Kinjal will make a video call and ask about Anupama’s antics. Everyone in the house will talk to Anupama and try that Anupama does not know what is going on in the house. But when Anupama sees Bane, he will get angry. Anupama will start dying on the video call. Then Anupama will ask Babuji if this has happened to her in the end, then Vanraj will come and take care of everything.

Babuji and Baa start fighting. Vanraj will say that he does not want the house to leave from anywhere. On the other hand Anuj will ask Anupama to do the packing for the honeymoon. In the coming episodes you will see that Anupama will go on honeymoon and on the other hand Kavya will get ready and go to meet her ex-husband and seeing this will break Vanraj’s heart.

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