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Anupama will get the biggest bet ever, will face the truth of Anuj’s wife and daughter

Anuj and Anupama got married in the serial Anupama. It seemed that Anuj and Anupama would lead a lavish life post marriage. However, it is not easy for Anuj and Anupama to follow this path. Soon Anupama will come to know about some secrets related to Anuj.

Knowing this secret, Anupama’s feet are going to move from under the ground. Soon Anupama will come to know that Anuj was cheating on Anupama in the name of love. After Vanraj, Anuj will also betray Anupama. Let us tell you what big twists are going to come in Anupama’s serial Anupama.

Big revelations are going to happen about Anuj in the serial Anupama. Viewers will soon know that Anuj is already married. Anuj hid his first marriage from Anupam. Anuj has a motive behind hiding this.

Anuj marries Anupama to take custody of his daughter Anuni. Anuj will keep this secret from Anoop till the end.

It will soon be revealed that Anuj has arranged for Anuj and Anupama’s first trip with complete planning. So that he can bring Anu to his home. Anuj will work hard to get his daughter.

Serial Anupama will reveal that Anu is Anuj’s only daughter. After separating from his wife, Anuj did not get a daughter.

Soon Anupama will come to know that Anu is Anuj’s only daughter. Knowing this Anupama’s feet will be removed from the ground.

Anupama’s ex-wife will now enter the serial. Anuj’s ex-wife will create new trouble for Anupama.

Anuj will neglect his cousin and his wife after Anupama arrives. Instead of going to Barkha’s party, Anuj will follow in Anupama’s footsteps. Barkha will get very irritated seeing this condition of Anuj.

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