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Anupama Twist Alert: Anuj to Choose Fatherhood Over Husband Duties in Upcoming Episode


Anupama is a popular Indian television drama that has won over fans’ hearts with its heartwarming plot and likable characters. In the upcoming episode, Anuj will have to choose between fatherhood and his spouse’s duties, which is sure to make viewers cry.

Anupama Twist Alert: Anuj to Choose Fatherhood Over Husband Duties

Anuj will choose Anu over Anupama in the upcoming Anupama episode since he has second thoughts about forcing Maaya away. The current Anupama tale focuses on Maaya bringing Anu to Anuj and Anupama’s house for the final time and saying that she is taking Anu with her forever.


Maaya refuses offers from Anuj and Anupama to stay with them because she is certain of her decision. According to Anupama’s recent twists, Anuj will prioritize his parenthood over his husband’s obligations because he believes Anupama will never prioritize Anu.

Maaya impresses upon Anuj the importance of Anupama’s treatment of her biological children while Anu continues to be ignored. Anuj is reminded of his previous disagreements with Anupama due to the similar issue of Anupama neglecting Anu.

According to the storyline, Anuj will understand that Maaya can give Anu more attention and love than Anupama and will take a step toward her for the sake of Anu.

Let’s see how Anuj and Anupama’s relationship holds up after this severe blow in the forthcoming Anupama episodes.

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