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Anupama Spoiler Alert: Maaya Succeeds in Manipulating Little Anu on 11th March 2023 Episode


Anupama is an Indian television drama series. here we discussed Maaya Succeeds in Manipulating Little Anu on the 11th March 2023 Episode. Scroll down for complete information regarding the show.

Maaya’s Tactics Prove Successful in Manipulating Little Anu

Maaya tells Little Anu that she hoped they could all live happily ever after, but it’s now impossible. Why Anu wonders. Maaya claims that Anuj and Anupama would fight because of her, so she will go, but she can’t leave without her. She claims she died every day after leaving her at the ashram; Anupama has three children and many family members, including Little Anu, but she is alone; she wishes she hadn’t left Little Anu in the ashram. At Anupama’s birthday celebration, all couples dance to the song Kuch Na Kaho… Little Anu wonders how long she will be alone. Maaya says she will stay alone to protect her because she only wants to see her happy, and she is willing to cry and writhe in anguish for her sake. She acts as if she is in tears. Anuj and Anupama then perform a passionate dance to the tune Lagjaa Gale Ke Phir Ye Haseen Raat Na Ho.. Everyone applauds for them.


Maaya continues to emotionally blackmail Little Anu, blaming God for stealing each of her relationships and how painful it is to be alone. She claims she will die of suffocation if her daughter is not present. Little Anu tells her that she would accompany Maaya and will not stay here if her parents argue because of her. Maaya thanks her and laughs. Anuj and Anupama giggle as they arrive home.

Anupama gives Anuj a hug and thanks him for making her birthday so special. Anuj is grateful to her for marrying him; otherwise, he would have been a bachelor his entire life. They continue to chuckle while they do each other’s nazar. Anupama walks into Little Anu’s room and calls Anuj in surprise. Anuj goes up to her and inquires what happened. Anupama displays Little Anu’s empty closet, complete with a goodbye note. They are both devastated.

When Barkha, Ankush, and Dimpy hear Anupama’s shout, they run to her room. Anupama asks how Maaya can do this, shakes Anuj awake, and tells him they should go look for Little Anu. Ankush inquires as to what happened. Anupama claims Maaya kidnapped Little Anu. Kavya is dropped off at home by Anirudh. Kavya gets Dimpy’s message, hurries inside, and informs the family about Maaya’s escape with Little Anu. Anuj contacts his contacts and instructs them to locate Little Anu and Maaya as soon as possible. Ankush claims he looked about but couldn’t find them; Maaya took multiple taxis to escape CCTV detection. Anuj is still scared. Anupama believes she cannot panic and must remain cool.

She receives a phone call from Maaya. The Shahs express their rage over Maaya’s horrible act. Hasmukh is worried about Anuj and Anupama. Leela wonders how they will know if Little Anu went with Maaya on her own or if Maaya took her away forcefully.

According to Samar, children are easily manipulated. Leela blames Anupama for allowing Maaya to stay at home and helping her in taking Little Anu. Anuj receives a video call from Little Anu via Maaya’s cell. Anuj inquires about her whereabouts, and why she left without alerting them and promises to meet her there. Tiny Anu requests that he not come since she has gone with Maaya and is very delighted; they will go far away.

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