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Anupama pregnant? Anuj will become daughter’s father Anupama will be pregnant again.

Anuj and Anupama are enjoying their honeymoon these days. Meanwhile, Anuj will ask Anupama to come to America with him and meet his relatives. On the other hand, Kavya has started taking rest after announcing the divorce. He stays out all night. When Kavya is out of the house, Baa will wait for her and because of that Kavya will listen to Baa a lot.

Anuj and Anupama will travel to Mumbai and Anupama will be very happy, Anupama’s children and Bapuji will be very happy to see this picture of Anupama. And seeing all these photos, Vanraj will be sad. Vanraj’s mood will be when Samar will make tea for his father Vanraj. On the other hand Anupama will tell Anuj that Anuj will take Anupama to a place which is very special for Anuj.

Kavya will give a big twist to the family members and Taye will say that Kavya will open a marketing agency with Anirudh. Kavya will say that Anirudh has become a big man now and is investing in his startup. Baa and Kavya will talk and Vanraj will ask her to shut up but then Kavya says that he is not incomparable that he will listen to everything. Pankhi says Maa can explain to Kavya but Baa says no and Tae will say that Anupama should not bother anymore.

Bane Vanraj will be worried and Babuji will try to explain it. Samar will listen to it. While Anuj Anupama will be taken to an orphanage. Anuj will become very emotional after reaching here. Anupama will hardly be able to handle the demand. Now again a little girl will be seen in the show. Let me tell you, this girl has incomparable qualities.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Anuj and Anupama will go to the orphanage and then they will meet a little girl named Anu. It can be expected from the truck running in the show that Anupama will once again become a mother and adopt a child from an orphanage.

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