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Anupama gave knowledge to Tulsi on Barkha, control was affected.

Anupama so far sees Anuj telling Anupama that she is the best and hugs her. Kavya tells Vanraj that she thought it would break after leaving Anupama’s house, but it didn’t because she is strong.

He says it doesn’t matter whether it is Anupama Shah or Kapadia and she will always be known as Anupama. He tells her that Anupama never intentionally hurts anyone.

Vanraj agrees but thinks that apart from Anuj and Anupama, other members of his family may also hurt or be affected by him. He spits Kavya to stay with him and talk to her and he gives a smile and gets happy. Anupama cries and eats the sweets bought by Bapuji.

Anuj comes and tells Barkha that he will not hurt Anupama as it hurts her too. Then Barkha says that he does not understand what he is saying.

He tells her that he is not so naive that he does not understand what she is saying. After that he is gone. Anupama comes out of her room and is shocked to see the Tulsi plant. He thinks that JK and Anuj must have done this.

Barkha gets angry seeing the plants and complains to Control. He tells her to stop hurting everything. Barkha asks Anupama why the Tulsi plant is here, so Anupama tells Barkha about it and Ankush is impressed. Anupama then tells Anuj that he will decorate the house.

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