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Anupama foiled Barkha’s trick, Anupama gave a befitting reply to Barkha.

Now a lot of twists are coming in the TV serial Anupama. With the entry of Barkha and Ankush in Anupama, the upcoming episode will see a lot of twists and turns. Barkha decides to seek control over the Kapadia industry after her business is disrupted.

After this Anupama and Anuj will reach their new home. Anupama gets worried when she sees people in media taking pictures and asks Anuj to send. Anuj pacifies Anupama. Anupama asks Anuj if he can cut his own diamond necklace. Anuj asks Anupama to take rest, he carefully pulls Anupama out. Media is questioning Anuj about re-joining the Kapadia business.

Anupama will get restless. Barkha interrupts and will confront Anuj with the media. Anuj and Anupama will be shocked. Anupama will be worried. Anuj asks everyone to wait as the family has not arrived yet. Barkha will come home with the media. Anupama and Anuj will be shocked.

Barkha asks media to cover Kapadia House. Kavya tells Vanraj, Leela and Hasmukh that Anuj has taken over a house in a posh area of ​​Ahmedabad. He says that Anupama has become rich now. Shah family reached Kapadia House. The guard will stop them outside.

Hasmukh and others stood motionless. Pakhi decides to call Anupama. She can’t reach him. Barkha treats the Shah family badly. Anupama comes to Shah’s rescue and gives the correct answer to Barkha. Barkha will start partying in the next episode. Anupama will interrupt and ask her to wait for the party till the puja is over. Barkha will get irritated with Anupam.

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