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Anupama Fight With Anuj Takes a New Turn as Kavya Blames Herself


Anuj begins the episode by questioning Anupama about how she can only take one last chance to meet Anu. Anu is his life, and he will not accept meeting her one more time. He will go to any length to get her back. Anupama attempts to convince him that she did it to recover her from Maya.

Barkha accepts Anupama’s decision and tells Anuj that she has accepted the truth that Anu is gone and begs Maya to allow her to meet them one last time. Anuj wonders how Anupama can give up hope so quickly. He asks whether she is upset because Anu left them.

According to Anupama, every mother is broken after losing a child, but the pain is invisible to others. Anuj believes she is normal because she already has three children.

But he only has Anu, and he cannot afford to lose her. Anupama is taken aback by his statements. Barkha and Dimple try to comfort her by saying that he is upset, which is why he is acting this way.


Anuj Unleashes His Anger on Anupama in Latest Update

Anuj destroys his room in a rage. Kavya informs Kinjal that she is feeling bad about exposing Maya and that this may cause problems in Anuj and Anupama’s marriage.

Kinjal claims Maya wanted to reclaim Anu and that Kavya should not blame herself for Maya’s actions. Anupama informs Anuj that they might ask Maya to return Anu to them.

Anuj expresses his unwillingness to beg, and she admits that she should not have informed him one more time, but she assures him that she will do all possible to reclaim Anu from Maya.

She attempts to comfort Anuj. Samar informs Shahs that Anupama and Anuj had a major disagreement. Kavya panics once more, believing that everything is happening because of her.

He claims that Maya will return Anu to Kapadias for one last time. Kavya believes she will find then that Anu is only happy with the Kapadias.

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