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Anupama fame Rupali Ganguly was not allowed to leave the house after 7 pm, her father gave the reason

Actress Rupali Ganguly has worked in many TV serials but the most famous serial made by her is Anupama serial which is currently airing on Star Plus. In the case of TRP, Rupali Ganguly’s serial has been on top since the beginning.

However, there was a time when Rupali’s father Anil Ganguly did not want to allow Rupali to enter the field of acting even though he himself is a very famous director and screenwriter. Also, let us tell you that Rupali was not allowed to leave the house after 7 pm.

In an interview, Rupali Ganguly had said that her father is very open-minded and loves him very much.

But like every father, he would not let me leave the house after 7 pm. They wanted me out in the evening.

Rupali said that I often think that why does my father do this. But as we grew up, we realized that he was doing this for our safety.

– At the same time when I first told my father that I wanted to act, he told me that if God gave me brains, do something useful.

What will I do by acting? According to Anupama, there were very few TV serials at that time, only films were made.

Let us tell you that Rupali Ganguly’s father Anil Ganguly has been a famous director since the 70s and 80s. He has made superhit films like Kora Kagaz, Tapasya and has also won National Film Awards.

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