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Anupam Has Dubbed the Pitcher’s Product “Wahiyat,” Aman Has Asked for It to Be Discontinued!!

In the January 12 episode of Season 2 of Shark Tank India, the Sharks had a big fight. The last pitch of the episode was by Anupam Mittal. He called it "wahiyat."

On the January 11 episode of Season 2 of Shark Tank India, the Sharks fought over a pitch. They said some angry things back and forth to each other. Aman Gupta and Anupam Mittal, on the other hand, were not happy with the last pitch of the episode and told the business owner to shut down.

In Shark Tank 2, which came out on January 2, entrepreneurs from all walks of life pitch their businesses to five famous investors, also known as “Sharks.” In the last episode, Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta, Vineeta Singh, and Anupam Mittal, the five sharks, were all there. Like every other episode, there were three pitches in this one.

The Best Parts of Shark Tank 2 Episode 9

  • Siddharth Raghuvanshi and Yushika Jolly made the first pitch of the episode. They talked about their brand of semipermanent hair dye. The name of their brand is Paradyes. The Sharks liked how their brand was marketed, how it was branded, and how it was packaged. Their product’s main selling point is that the colours are made from extracts of herbs. They are also good for the environment. They asked for Rs 65 lakh for 1% of the company.
  • This pitch got the Sharks into a lot of fights. It led to a heated argument between them, and Namita Thapar, who wasn’t part of the deal, tried to calm them all down. Peyush Bansal gave them the same amount of money and shares as the two had asked for. Vineeta Singh and Anupam Mittal, on the other hand, offered Rs 65 lakh for 4% equity. Aman gave them an offer of Rs. 65 lakh for 5.
  • But the pitchers wanted Vineeta and Aman to come with them, which caused a fight between the sharks. Their new offer was Rs 65 lakh for 3% of the company. After a lot of talking, Vineeta and Aman made an offer of Rs 65 lakh for 2% of the business. Anupam was angry and told him, “You played a dirty game.” He also called Aman ‘dalbadlu.’ “You made the wrong choice,” Peyush told the pitchers.
  • Chavi Singh made the second pitch of the day. She talked about her brand of high-end home, kitchen, and decor items. Nestroots is the name of her brand. Chavi, who is from Delhi, said that her goods are new, different, and up-to-date. So far, more than a million homes have bought her goods. She asked for Rs 50 lakh in exchange for 1% of the company. While everyone else turned her down, Namita Thapar offered her Rs 50 lakhs for 2% equity, which she took.
  • Hardik Rathore, a business owner, made the last pitch of the episode. His brand, Coezy Sleep, makes clothes that are soft and stretchy and help people sleep well. Hardik said that his product helps people with anxiety, insomnia, etc. sleep better at night. He also said that his relaxer is like a ‘jaadu ki jhappi’ for people. He asked for Rs 35 lakh for 20% of the company.

Since his product was still pretty new on the Indian market, all of the Sharks turned down the deal. The name Anupam gave to his business idea was “wahiyat.” At the same time, Aman told him that he should close his business.

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