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Anuj’s Heartfelt Confession: I Still in Love With Anupamaa


Anupama 3rd April 2023 Written Update Anuj calls it over Anupama eagerly waits for Anuj to come back. She calls Kanta. She doesn’t know if Kanta tells anything wrong to Anuj then the matter can get worse. She asks Bhavesh to call Kanta.

Kanta asks Anuj if he doesn’t love Anupama now and if the love got over when his daughter left him. Anuj confesses that he still loves Anupama a lot. Anuj cries about his fate. He tells that he has much pain inside him and he wants to make Anupama away from him. He wants to stay with Anu. He tells that he loves Anu a lot. He can’t live without Anu. Kanta asks him if he can live without Anupama. She defends her daughter, who isn’t at fault.

He asks her why is he punishing Anupama. Anuj tells that he is punishing himself, so he had left his house. He admits that he loves Anupama a lot, but there is much distance between them now. He feels at fault that he expected a lot from Anupama. Here is about  Anupama’s Children Take a Stand.

He tells that he lost Anu because of Anupama, he wanted to stop Anu, but Anupama didn’t support him. He doesn’t want to always understand Anupama when she ignored his warnings. She tells that everything can get fixed before it gets late. She reminds him of his love for Anupama.

He tells that he will always love Anupama, but he won’t come back home, everything has changed now and things won’t get fine. He can’t forget that he lost Anu because of Anupama. She asks him to get to the point.

Anupama Prays That Kanta Convinces Anuj

She tells that Anupama is at fault. She asks him what he wants. He tells that he wants Anupama’s happiness, but their relationship got spoiled. He asks Kanta to bring Anupama out of this sorrow. He doesn’t want to go back and give sorrow to her. She asks him if he will leave Anupama. Get to know  Anuj’s bad behavior towards Anupama.

Anuj asks her to break Anupama’s hopes. He tells that Anupama must learn to live without him. Kanta gets angered. Anupama fears that the matter will get worse and Anuj won’t come. Bhavesh finds her panicking. He pacifies her.

Anupama prays that Kanta convinces Anuj and brings him back. Anuj tells that one shouldn’t keep false hope. He asks Kanta to make Anupama live once again. He cries to say that his relationship with Anupama is over now. He wants Anupama to start a new life.

He tells that when Anupama comes out of this pain and learns to live, then he can forgive himself and face her. Kanta gets disheartened. Anuj sticks to his decision. Kanta is scared to face Anupama with the bad news. Anupama stays at the door and waits for Anuj.

Maya is glad that Anuj will never return to Anupama. Maya wants to win Anuj’s heart. She asks Kanta to accept the truth, Anuj loves Anu more than Anupama. She tells that Anupama has hurt Anuj a lot. She is relieved that Anuj has cleared everything. She asks Kanta to explain to Anupama and support her. She gives her fake wishes to Anupama. Kanta tells that Anuj will soon leave Maya’s house. Kanta returns home and breaks the shattering news to Anupama, that Anuj doesn’t want to come back. Anupama fails to tolerate the shock.


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