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Anuj’s Bad Behavior Towards Anupama Following Maya’s Escape With Anu


Anuj and Anupama’s relationship has been difficult from the start, and the latest incident has only complicated conditions. Following Maya’s escape with their child Anu, viewers saw Anuj’s behavior towards Anupama becoming violent and abusive in the most recent episode of the renowned Indian television show Anupama.

Anuj’s behavior of Anupama was completely unacceptable, and the show did not hold back in showing the harsh reality of emotional and verbal abuse. Anupama, who had always been tough and powerful, felt weak and afraid as a result of Anuj’s actions.


Anuj’s Bad Behavior Towards Anupama Following Maya’s Escape With Anu

Several more high-voltage twists and turns are in store for Star Plus’s popular hit show Anupama. The audience is in for an entertaining drama. We recently saw Anuj warn Maya that her intentions and ways were completely wrong. He informs her that she mocked them.

However, Maya considers all of the words spoken against her, to which Anupama responds by telling her that she can stay there for the night. When Kavya introduces Anirudh to Anuj and Anupama, they greet each other cheerfully, and the story takes an interesting turn.

Afterward, Anupama enters the room and screams in surprise when she discovers the Message written by Maya, prompting Anuj to enter. In the following episodes, we will see Anuj misbehave with Anupama and yell at her, blaming her for it. His mask of being the best comes off.

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