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Anuj Tells Kanta About Ending His Relationship with Anupamaa!


The Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ is popular with viewers. The current plot of the show revolves around Anuj and Anupama’s divorce. Anuj went to Maya’s house in Mumbai to meet Choti Anu, whereas Anupamaa went to her mother Kanta’s house. Anuj became emotional after meeting Choti Anu.

In the upcoming episodes, Anuj wishes to spend time with Choti before leaving Maya’s house, but she insists on him eating something as his condition worsens. Choti Anu arrives and feeds Anuj a sandwich before putting him to bed. She looks after him, which makes Anuj feel better. Here is about  Anupamaa Ultimate Sacrifice.

Maya approaches Anuj while he is sleeping and speaks to him. She tells him that his love for his daughter is greater than his love for her after 26 years. Maya tells him that he cannot return to Anupamaa.

Kanta enters Shah’s residence and lashes out at them for being unconcerned about Anupama’s married life and burdening her with other responsibilities, which has led to her relationship being on the verge of dissolution. She blames Leela and claims that they kept calling Anupamaa over for the most insignificant problems in their home. She concludes by saying that they shouldn’t expect Anu to visit Shah’s house. She will only come when she feels like it. Get to Know Anupamaa and Anuj’s Relationship.

Anuj fantasizes about spending time with Anupamaa. He takes her promise that she will never leave him. In his dreams, Anu promises the same thing. Kanta also arrives at Maya’s house. Anuj instructs Kanta to inform Anupamaa that the ‘Anuj’ chapter in her life has come to an end.


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