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Another Congress MLA preparing to join BJP, a picture is going viral on social media

The Gujarat Assembly elections are coming soon, due to which there is once again turmoil in the Congress. Hardik Patel has recently joined BJP expressing displeasure with Congress, but now MLA Lalit Vasoya is once again in the mood to join BJP. He had left the Congress WhatsApp group a few days ago and this message is going viral on social media and it is learned that he is currently having a private conversation with Rupani.

Some time back an event was organized in which former Chief Minister Rupani and Lalit Vasoya were seen together. And both were being discussed very deeply because their pictures are becoming very viral on social media.

Former minister and Jetpur MLA Jayesh Radadiya recently organized a huge Bhagwat week in Jamkandora in which MLA Lalit Vasoya was also present. These pictures of Vijay Bhagani and Lalit Vasoya talking to each other this Bhagwat week put them on their WhatsApp story.

According to media reports, Lalit Vasoya can take seven MLAs with him to BJP. With Hardik Patel, everyone is now in the mood to leave BJP. But Congress MLAs want to join BJP only if they are given tickets.

A few days ago, MLA Lalit Vasoya had joined the Congress WhatsApp group in Rajkot district. Later, while talking to the media, Lalit Vasoya said that the whole thing is wrong and this conspiracy has been hatched to defame me. Lalit Vasoya said that if someone shows me that I am left out of the WhatsApp group, then I will resign from the post of MLA.

Three pictures are going viral on social media in which Lalit Vasoya is out of three different Congress groups and then the whole matter with former BJP Chief Minister Vijay Rupani is going viral on social media.

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