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Annoying spam calls will be blocked automatically, just turn on this setting

Annoying spam calls will be blocked automatically, just turn on this setting

Many smartphone users are troubled by spam calls, you must have experienced it at some point or the other. These calls come either from the bank or the insurance company. If you are doing important work and get such a random phone call, it is not only annoying but also annoying. Actually, they can be blocked but many people are unable to block them even after all the efforts because they do not know the right way.

Annoying spam calls will be blocked automatically, just turn on this setting

You must also have tried to block them at some point or the other. The good thing is that if you are using an Android smartphone, spam calls can be blocked in seconds. Its method is very simple, let’s know today.

How to get rid of spam calls

The process to block spam calls on an Android phone is fairly simple, especially if you have the Google Phone app installed. Most of the latest phone smartphones of any brand have Google dialer pre-installed as default dialer application. It looks like a simplified version of the dialer app, but it comes loaded with a number of important features, including a spam call blocker feature.

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How to block spam calls

  • To have your Android phone block all spam calls automatically, follow the steps below. Please note that you do not need to download any third party app for this.
  • – Open the Google Phone app and tap on the menu icon in the top right corner.
  • From here you have to tap on the option of Settings.
  • – In the settings menu you will find many options, but here you have to look for a feature called “Caller ID & Spam”.
  • After tapping on it, you will get three options. The first option is enabled by default, which will show the caller and spam ID on the screen when receiving a phone call.
  • – Next is “Filter Spam Calls”. Enabling this option will prevent suspicious spam calls from bothering you.
  • – Please note that the app only uses callers marked as spam by other Google dialer users. Numbers marked as not spam will continue to reach your phone.
  • – However, be aware that the spam call option often blocks calls delivered from your OTP or larger sources. So you have to keep this in mind as well.

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