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Is the Mighty Eagle the Strongest Bird in the Angry Birds Movie? Let’s Find Out!


When it comes to the Angry Birds franchise, the Mighty Eagle is your best bet. The December 2010 Angry Birds episode “Ham ‘Em High” marked the debut of Mighty.

After his initial bug-plagued release in Angry Birds Seasons on August 22, 2011, he went on to appear in Angry Birds Rio on October 28, 2011, Angry Birds Chrome on December 1, 2011, Angry Birds Facebook on February 14, 2012 (as the Space Eagle), Angry Birds Star Wars on November 8, 2012 (as the Mighty Falcon), and Angry Birds Chrome on February 1, 2013.

Appearance in Angry Birds Movie

Mighty Eagle appears in The Angry Birds Movie as a giant white and dark brown anthropomorphic Northern Bald Eagle with a muscular and fat build – though he is currently mostly fat and out of shape, whereas it is believed he was much more muscular and fit in the past – and is identical to his game counterpart but with minor differences.

He lacks the three black feathers on top of his head and has huge dark brown feathered limbs that he employs for flight. He also has huge black feathers on his back and orange feet with black claws.

His thick brows have become messier, similar to his game counterpart, his enormous beak has remained, but the back of his beak has curved when he smiles arrogantly, and his eye bags have turned magenta, similar to his Toons appearance. Mighty Eagle is also the only bird on Bird Island capable of genuine flight, despite his out-of-shape physique and lack of experience over the years.

The Ability and Mastery of Mighty Eagle

Mighty Eagle may swoop down from above and smack the ground with such great force that any pigs or buildings in his way will be instantly blown to smithereens. If any pigs are overlooked, the Eagle will trigger a devastating earthquake to wipe them off.

When the can of sardines is placed in front of the pigs’ structure, Mighty’s special ability leads him to crash to the ground and spin erratically, increasing the damage he deals.

angry birds mighty eagle

In The Angry Birds Movie, we see Mighty destroying everything in its way and then some using his feathered arms as wings to soar through the air. In one statue, he is seen having difficulty flying as he carries the majority of the eggs in his claws to safety.

The Persona of Mighty Eagle

The Mighty Eagle is revered by his fellow birds for being both intelligent and powerful. The Great Eagle is partial to sardines and his cave. Never bother him, he says. He’s a miserable old sod who despises everyone but The Blues. He enjoys himself as he hands out Halloween treats to the Blues.

He is a staunch advocate for the general welfare. While he has no problem working alone, he appreciates it when others show their approval. When he commits to an endeavor, he sees it through to the end.

Mighty Eagle’s Influence in the Angry Birds Franchise

The Mighty Eagle debuts in The Angry Birds Movie as a celebrity athlete who has many trophies and other prizes due to his heroism in protecting the birds on Bird Island, as opposed to his game counterpart who is wise to all the birds. As seen in the film, he is initially lethargic before displaying bravery to defend the eggs. He also faints frequently after difficult tasks, such as breaking inside the castle.

angry birds mighty eagle

The Mighty Eagle was most likely feared by the Angry Birds at first, as Red was terrified of approaching him for help in the Mighty Eagle trailer. The Mighty Eagle has a dark secret that he will not reveal.

In the bird community, the Mighty Eagle is a legend of epic proportions. The birds grew up hearing songs and stories about his incredible adventures and heroism. He is the only bird that has ever flown due to his massive beautiful wings.

At the end of the film, he tells Red, Chuck, and Bomb that he made them lose faith in him so they might find faith in themselves, which is most likely an excuse to retire. Despite his previous assistance to the Flock, he isn’t and doesn’t want to participate, which disappoints Red.

Who is the Most Powerful Angry Bird?

Despite being portrayed in the film as a legend long past his prime, Mighty Eagle is often regarded as the most powerful Angry Bird in the franchise. He is also taller than other birds and possesses a one-hit kill guarantee in any game level.

Final Words

Mighty Eagle was reported to frequently urinate in the Lake of Wisdom in front of his cave while he lived on Bird Island. Mighty Eagle is the only bird on Bird Island capable of true flight, despite his out-of-shape physique and lack of experience over the years. However, Mighty eagle is considered the most strongest bird in the angry bird movies.

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