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Amul gave good news to the cattle owners, the price of milk will increase by Rs 10

Once again there is good news for the shepherds from Amul. There has been a huge increase of ten rupees per 1 kg of fat in Amul milk. Earlier, Rs 730 was given for 1 kg of fat but now it will be given for Rs 740. Amul has increased the price of cow fat by Rs 4.50 per kg. The new prices will be applicable from June 11. The biggest beneficiaries will be over two lakh shepherds from Anand, Kheda and Mahisagar.

For the first time after the Corona epidemic, great news has come from Amul for the shepherds. Due to the increase of ten rupees per 1 kg of fat, the cattle owners are looking very happy. The cost of one kg of cow fat is Rs. But in the near future, it will increase by four rupees 20 paise to Rs 331.

The change in total prices will be seen on June 11. At present, 730 rupees will be paid to the cattle owners but on the 11th day, 740 rupees will be paid to the cattle owners. In Gujarat, the biggest beneficiaries will be Anand Kheda and Mahisagar shepherds.

Today a big step is being taken by Amul to encourage animal husbandry business which has become very expensive, which has once again sparked a white revolution.

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