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Amit Bordia Cause of Death Revealed: Esteemed Singapore Banker Passes Away at 48!


Amit Bordia died recently, according to reports on the internet. He was a seasoned banker and a well-known figure in the financial business who is no longer among his close friends and family, and he died on Sunday at the age of 48. After his death was announced on the internet, his family and friends were shocked and surprised by his untimely demise, as no one expected him to die in this manner. Several people are now interested in learning more about Amit Bordia and his cause of death. We have more information regarding the news here, which we will share with you in this article.

Who Was Amit Bordia?

Amit Bordia was a well-known financial figure and seasoned banker. After finishing his education, he began his career in 1977. He earned a degree in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. He began his career at Deutsche Bank in Mumbai, India, and quickly ascended through the ranks, eventually becoming Head of Trading for Asia Pacific in 2006. He managed the bank’s trading activity in the area and was instrumental in the bank’s expansion and success. Scroll down to the next page to learn more about the news.

amit bordia cause of death

Amit Bordia’s Cause of Death Revealed

Amit Bordia, a seasoned banker, is no longer among his close friends. He died on March 5, 2023, on a Sunday, at the age of 48. His death has been confirmed by his family. After his death was announced on the internet, many people were shocked and surprised about the circumstances surrounding his demise. According to the news, Amit Bordia passed away from cancer.

As far as we know, he was receiving treatment for his sickness, but his cancer had spread to his liver and lungs. His wife Nandini Bordia and two children survive him. He was a very successful guy who achieved great success as a result of his hard work, and he will be remembered fondly by his family, friends, and those who knew him. Numerous individuals have sent their condolences to his family and paid respect to him on social media.

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