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Amazon app new feature will be a hit, you will enjoy Tiktok

You will soon be able to enjoy Tiktok in the Amazon app. The company is currently testing a feature called Inspire for its app. After the introduction of this feature, the user’s in-app experience will be completely changed.

 Amazon app new feature will be a hit, you will enjoy Tiktok

Amazon app new feature will be a hit, you will enjoy Tiktok

If you have missed Tiktok then there is good news for you. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Amazon is currently testing a new feature for its app. This feature is similar to Tiktok.

Amazon’s new feature is similar to what users used to scroll through TikTok and watch new short videos. Through the new feature, users will be able to scroll through videos and photos of products listed on Amazon. The name of this new feature of Amazon is Inspire.

You will be able to share and like product photos and videos

Amazon’s Inspire feature will appear as a diamond widget on the home page of the app. In this, users will see the photo and video feed of the product. The special thing is that users will also be able to like and share it with their friends and family.

In this, the company is also going to give users the option to buy the product. Watchful Technologies AI Ltd., an Israeli firm that tracks Amazon’s use of the feature, said that currently only photos will appear in the feed and that video content will be added in the future.

Will have to wait a bit for rollout now

According to the report, Amazon is currently testing this feature among some of its employees. No official information has been released about when it will be rolled out for common users.

A company spokesperson said, “The company is constantly testing new features to make the life of the users a little easier. The spokesperson further said that by the time it reaches the rollout stage, the feature could change significantly.

Meta and Google also launched such a feature

Seeing the popularity of Tiktok’s video format, Meta and Google have also launched such an in-app feature. Meta introduced reels to the users in the year 2020.

After the departure of Tiktok from India, this feature of Meta has become increasingly popular among Indian users. Google has similarly rolled out YouTube shorts for users in its video platform YouTube and users are also very fond of it.

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