November 29, 2022
All short videos on Instagram will be shared as reel, the app is coming with many powerful features

Instagram reel is very popular among the people and now the company has again come up with a new feature related to it. The company has announced that any video posted on the platform that is less than 15 minutes long will be shared as a reel. The new change will be visible in the app very soon, but existing videos will continue to be shared as regular videos.

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All short videos on Instagram will be shared as reel, this app is coming with many powerful features

“We want everyone to be able to express their creative ideas easily, so we’re adding more features that allow you to capture, edit, and share them,” the company said in its blog post. This can be done directly from the phone. she herself

In the coming years, reel is going to be a big weapon for Instagram and Meta and can also compete with Tiktok in this segment. That being said, more features and tools are needed to make it attractive to the users.

Free video for Instagram Reels

Instagram is rolling out more tools for remixing so users can improve the visuals shared on Instagram through Stories, especially when you’re working with other creators and friends. Not only this, the company said that you will be able to remix public photos, which actually creates privacy concerns for users and their photos to be used without permission.

Those who have a public Instagram account can take their videos and reels to a wider audience on the platform. The company has said that this currently applies to reels less than 90 seconds long. Even if your account is private, your reel will only be shown to your followers.

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