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Alex Cooper’s Dating Status: Is Matt Kaplan Her Boyfriend?


The host of the hugely popular podcast Call Her Daddy is Alex Cooper. The program departed its previous producer, Barstool Sports, following a highly publicized argument with Dave Portnoy, and secured an exclusive $60 million agreement with Spotify. After Joe Rogan, Cooper is now the second-highest-paid podcaster thanks to the agreement.

Cooper is comparable to a contemporary Carrie Bradshaw because she discusses sex and relationships as part of her job. Everyone is curious about Cooper’s romantic history, as one could anticipate from a contemporary Carrie Bradshaw. Cooper has been discussing her secret boyfriend on her show for a time. Who is the unidentified man in Alex Cooper’s life, then?

Alex Cooper Boyfriend

Naturally, any public figure with a large following can’t avoid the prying eyes of the media and online rumors about their personal lives. Mr. Sexy Zoom Man and Cooper are not an exception. In an effort to identify the mystery man, fans have seized on any information they can find, and they are almost positive that they have identified him.

Cooper may have been coy about her man’s identity, but she revealed enough information to give online sleuths a starting point. She admitted that her boyfriend works as a producer of films. On her Instagram, she has also shared numerous images of her boyfriend’s adorable dog, Henry. Here is Carly Pearce’s Romantic Past.

Fans were able to link a real name to the pseudonym thanks to information about his career and canine companion. They’ve concluded that Matt Kaplan, a producer, is most likely “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man.”

Matt Kaplan’s Profile Summary

Take a look at below:

Full name Matthew Kaplan
Nickname Matt
Gender Male
Date of birth 14 April 1984
Age 38 (as of 2022)
Zodiac sign Aries
Place of birth California, United States
Current residence Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian

Who is Matt Kaplan?

In California, the United States, on April 14, 1984, Matthew Kaplan was born (who will be 38 years old in 2023). Ace Entertainment, a prestigious entertainment business, was founded and led by Kaplan. For young audiences, the firm creates feature films, television programs, and internet material. Get to know about Nikki Glaser Dating.

Alex Cooper's Dating

Is Matt Kaplan Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend?

The name of Alex’s lover is a secret. Yet, Alex Cooper refers to her lover as Mr. Se*xy Zoom Man in some episodes of her Spotify podcast Call Her Daddy. She added that Henry the dog belonged to Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, a movie producer.

Fans of her instantly identified Matt Kaplan as the man Alex had described. Moreover, Matt Kaplan’s IMDB biography reveals that Alexander Cooper has been his spouse since 2021.

How Did Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan Meet?

Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper first spoke in 2020. At a meeting they held using the video conferencing program Zoom, the two came into contact. Following their business meeting via Zoom, Alex, and Matt had dinner together. However, they converted their business-related dinner into a seven-day se*x date.

Alex acknowledges that her sexual encounter with him was ideal because he performed oral sex like a god. Following that, they started dating and even took a vacation to London.

Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper are not wed. Since they first connected on Zoom in February 2021 and made their love public, the couple has been living together. Moreover, Matt and Alex are not engaged.


This has repeatedly piqued the interest of her admirers and followers as to who Alex Cooper’s boyfriend is. Despite the fact that she refers to him by the codename Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, it is widely known that he is none other than Matt Kaplan, a producer of motion pictures.

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